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Instead of just masking the symptoms of neuropathy, treat the cause of your pain with Nufola!

For podiatric patients who present with symptoms of neuropathy (burning, tingling, and numbness in their legs and feet), rather than mask the pain with agents that may have serious side effects, treat the cause of the neuropathy, which cause is often dysfunctional or damaged nerve cells. Nufola is a dietary supplement which contains three B vitamins in their bioactive forms; folate as 3.5 mg L-methylfolate calcium salt, 25 mg pyridoxal 5-phosphate, and 1 mg methylcobalamin. Nufola also contains 300 mg alpha lipoic acid, the antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. The combination of these 4 ingredients has been shown to be a viable treatment for the restoration of nerve fibers in small fiber neuropathy.

Product Description & Features (Nufola advantages over other medical food and dietary supplements):

(Nufola advantages over other medical food and dietary supplements)

· Nufola is a purple veggie capsule and is dosed BID (two capsules per day).

· Nufola can also be sold in a practitioner’s office directly to the patient. MAGNA will sell Nufola directly to a licensed practitioner at discounted prices.

· Nufola is also conveniently available for purchase online for approximately $36.00 for a 60ct. bottle, one month’s supply.

· Nufola can be available at local pharmacies if patients want to attempt their insurance company reimbursement (typically tier 2). However, we suggest that patients request the cash price from the pharmacist. Often, the cash price will be lower than insurance copays.

· Some patients have experienced the benefits of Nufola in just a couple of weeks. However, Nufola should be given to those patients for at least 4-6 months, and most doctors keep their patients on Nufola for life, for good health.

· Many patients can take a NU step in life, with Nufola!

Summary of a Case Study Published in Podiatry Management, (Rosenberg, 2017): Nufola in Patients with Lower Extremity (foot) Neuropathy:

· Nufola is a dietary supplement that was designed for the treatment of small nerve fiber neuropathy and the symptoms associated with neuropathy.

· Lower extremity nerve fiber biopsies in the talar dome and lateral malleolus of the foot were measured against baseline after 4 or 5 months of Nufola formulation therapy. Out of 11 study subjects who completed the study, 11 (100%) showed positive nerve fiber growth by the 4th or 5th months (n = 14; three patients did not complete the study).

For more information on Nufola click here, or call 888-206-5525 for additional discussion or ordering.

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